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Dr. J. B. Blues is a German bluesrock musician, guitar player, singer, songwriter and producer (music / film).

He started playing guitar at the age of fourteen. His guitar style was mainly influenced by blues, especially by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Dr. J. B. Blues is a real doctor , he is working as an oncologist and hematologist, but music is his passion. In the past he organized and performed several blues rock charity concerts ( „blues rock against cancer“) . His debut album „Bluesy Sky over Paris“ released on January 25th 2022, was dedicated to two of the greatest guitar players of all time, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan and was produced by DR. J. B. BLUES. The album contains interpretations of classic bluesrock songs, some composed by Hendrix and Vaughan. The album was created with two outstanding French bluesmen Christophe Garreau (bass) and Guillaume Destarac (drums). Christophe Garreau and  Guillaume Destarac recorded many albums together with the French blues legends Paul Personne and Fred Chapellier.The recording and mixing took place in Paris at L’Auditorium Studios and was done by Tristan Abgrall. The mastering was done by John Davis ( „Led Zeppelin Remasters“) at Metropolis Studios London.


The new album ‘MULTIPLICITY’ has 9 songs composed by DR. J.B. BLUES and one traditional song . It contains not only blues but songs from pop-rock to blues-rock.The album was created with Christophe Garreau (bass) and Guillaume Destarac (drums). The recording and mixing took place in Paris at L’Auditorium Studios and was done by Tristan Abgrall. The mastering was done by Tony Cousins( „Adele, Robi Williams, George Michael, Elton John.. “) at Metropolis Studios London. It will be released in October 25th.



American Blues Blast Magazine June 2022:

“…He makes his recording debut with this tasty CD, which takes tribute to two of his heroes, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan…like Vaughan, his main influence, the shred free notes he delivers flow smoothly without the necessity of excessive pyrotechnics…Dr. J.B. Blues delivers a treat for lovers of early blues-rock that walked a tightrope between the two artforms and he does it in his own way…”



„Bluesy Sky over Paris“:

The album received the Akademia Music Award Los Angeles April 2022 in the categories Best Album Blues „Bluesy Sky over Paris“, Best Song Blues „Little Wing“ and Best Music Video Alternative Rock „Little Wing“.

Akademia: "This stylish blues brew is an awesome experience. Dr. J. B. Blues carves guitar with mesmerizing skill and everyone pulls together on cuts like "Little Wing" to deliver the kind of art that could reconceive the genre."

Akademia: "Dr. J. B. Blues' distinguished vocal style and masterful instrumentation impart a shimmering authenticity to this hypnotically artful blues narrative."Akademia: "Dr. J. B. Blues' charisma is well attested by this lavishly emotional music video, directed by Frida Beineix, carefully glued to a transcendent blues jam. "Little Wing" never hits a wrong note."

DR. J .B. BLUES received the „Artist of The Year Award 2022 “ in the blues genre by the Akademia Music Awards  in Los Angeles in July 2023.

The song „Little Wing“  received the American Tracks Music Award Los Angeles 2022 in the category best studio sound.

​"Little Wing" was finalist (Bronze Medal Winner category best male vocalist ) in the Global Music Awards Ja Lolla CA in July 2022.

​The song was finalist too in the Continentenal Music Awards Los Angeles ( categories best production and best instrumentalist) in July 2022.

​The video for „Little Wing“ was directed by young Frida Beineix and dedicated to her father, the director ("Betty Blue", "Diva") Jean-Jaques Beineix. The video was finalist in the International Music Video Awards London 2022, in the International Euro Music Video Song Awards Paris 2022 and in the International Rome Music Video Awards May 2022. The video received the International Munich Music Video Award 2022 (Best Cover Song) and was winner in the International Sound Future Awards New York 2022 in the categories Best Femal Director Music Video, Best Cover Music Video and Best Sound Design. 

​“Little Wing” reached number one of the INDIETOPCHART - OFFICIAL in June and July 2022 and reached > 500000 votes.

The album "Bluesy Sky over Paris" received 2.5  million streams on Spotify in August 2022.​

The album "Bluesy Sky over Paris" was chosen as one of the 11 best blues albums of the year 2022 by the American JazzBluesNews Magazine in December 2022.

DR. J. B. BLUES was approved by the Recording Academy and  participated in the 65th Grammy Awards 2022 / 2023.

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